Sports teams (like Man City FC above) and athletes are always looking for the best methods to recover from their gruelling training regimes as quickly as possible.

Sports teams often use blend of  massage, stretching sessions, relaxation therapy, steam baths, yoga and swimming to help their players overcome stiffness (sounds pretty good!). But the recovery method which has become the choice (and curse) of the players and athletes in the Olympics is the ice bath.

You may ask why these sports men and women (and Tennis Player Lee Childs!) bother jumping into an ice bath after a match when all they wants to do is rest with a few cool drinks and a massage??

Before we share this with you (in text, which is a bit boring), lets be realistic. For most of us we are not going near the things!!

However, as a bit of a fun if you help muster up 50 likes or retweets Dave, Matt and Dan from the Street Sports team will plunge themselves into an Ice Bath and then explain the truth behind the use of ice baths in sport (whilst fighting the off the chill of the ice)! Obviously we will video this!

Surely worth a bit of support :-)



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