Street Sports introduced the formidable Streetcage brand to Merseyside in 2005 following extensive research undertaken in the USA by our Directors exploring ways to utilise the power of sport to tackle social issues in urban environments. Over the past 5 years Streetcage has worked with a number of strategic organisations to tackle a number of priority social issues including nutrition, obesity, men’s health, gun, gang and knife crime, anti-social behaviour and crime.


“We have for the past 5 years worked over 10,000 children and young people and over 2000 adults to help reduce tackle major social issues and give people an opportunity to participate in targeted evidenced based programmes of sport and physical activity”


Our transition from Ltd to CiC and now Street Sports alongside our collaborative approach to tackle social issues echo’s our commitment to providing sustainable high quality professional services to local communities, which is represented in our vision, which is:

“to provide high quality sport orientated services to help make a genuine difference to people and communities.”


Check out some of our past work with:

- Tackling Crime and ASB as through Street Soccer (presentation here).

- Tackling Gun, Gang and Knife Crime through Boxing here.


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Check out our projects Street Feet Running Club, Street Fitness and Street Soccer.

We are truly focused on social issues, but we go a littler further. Read more about ‘doing our bit’.