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Profile: Daniel Parnell

Bio Dan represented his district and county in football before completing a Sport Science degree at LJMU. Following this Dan has worked in a range of football clubs, regional and national charities alongside completing his PhD. His research and main interests revolve around football having been a lifelong bluenose! On top of being a Director at StreetSports Dan, is currently working as a Lecturer in Exercise, Activity and Health at the University [...]


Profile: David McDermott

Bio David has both playing and coaching experience in England and the USA. David attended university in the USA, where he completed his undergrad while on a four year football scholarship at Franklin Pierce University. David was then hired through the University as an assistant coach while completing his MBA. David also works for Liverpool John Moores University, where he is a Sport Scholarship Manager, who supports Olympic and professional [...]


Profile: Matthew Shannon

Bio Matthew completed a BSc Sport Science degree alongside a range of coaching qualification in sport and football (UEFA B Liscence) having spent many years in the youth development system at TRFC, as both a player and then a coach. On top being a StreetSports Director, Matthew is a keen marathon runner and motivationals speaker. Having developed StreetFeet from his personal passion for running and in turn desire to raise vital funds [...]


50 likes away from an Ice Bath

Sports teams (like Man City FC above) and athletes are always looking for the best methods to recover from their gruelling training regimes as quickly as possible. Sports teams often use blend of  massage, stretching sessions, relaxation therapy, steam baths, yoga and swimming to help their players overcome stiffness (sounds pretty good!). But the recovery method which has become the choice (and curse) of the players and athletes in the Olympics is [...]



Box your way to Fitness!

Boxing Fitness is a cornerstone of the work we do at Street Sports. We help bring together people who want to let off some steam, have fun and push themselves along their personal health and fitness journeys. To read more about Boxing Fitness and get involved click here. This weeks session (so Wednesday 29th is FREE before moving indoors details to follow!) Boxing Fitness – be part of it Venue [...]


What we do at Street Fitness, BOXING FITNESS

  Street Fitness goal is to make fitness part of our lives and built into our everyday lifestyle. The Street Fitness classes include Boxing Fitness, one to one personal Running support and a range of urban exercise sessions to get your new fitness plan on track (see below for further details). At Street Fitness we use the environment and old school training methods to help people develop their health and fitness and reach [...]