Street Feet Running Club – be part of it. Being part of a running club can bring physical and social benefits contributing to your health and well-being. 

When you join the Street Feet Running Club we will help you achieve measurable health and fitness goals, in a fun and friendly atmosphere where you will meet great people and be supported by a fantastic team.

The runners involved in so far have achieved a range of goals and benefit from specific feedback on their speeds and distances through our Garmin technology and the website your daily mile – click here to find out more.

Do not delay, take the first step in YOUR personal journey for health and fitness by joining the Street Feet Running Club.

Stay abreast with all the latest running news and tips from stretching through to nutrition here.

Contact the Street Feet Running Club by clicking here.

Our running song of the week to help you maintain your speed or achieve a distance is Rudamental – we love this tune!


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