Street Sports Food Diary

Find the printable Pdf of our Diary here: Street Sports Food Diary  Guide to completing the diary: 1. Be honest – this is for you 2. Include all food you eat, times of big meals (i.e., breakfast, lunch, dinner) 3. If you didn’t eat – obviously don’t include anything 4. Record your ‘activity’, so by this we mean what you was doing (i.e., in work, went the park, visited friends [...]


Street Sports health tips: to become Change Makers

We at Street Sports think we have given a tidy little insight so far on the site to help people to begin to think about their health and fitness. Through the odd hints and tips on our news pages and the fact we are offering free or affordable classes is helping us build towards our vision - of making a difference to people and communities. You will see from the infograph [...]


Do you 'get' the Glycemic Index?

  Last weekend we at Street Sports submitted a post ‘I haven’t got time for breakfast’. We noticed that we had used the term Glycemic Index (GI) of carbohydrates in the  following context: It is essential that we consume breakfast. This breakfast should ideally consist of low Glycemic Index (GI) carbohydrates and moderate protein and should be consumed approximately 1 hour prior to the training session.   THE PROBLEM People don’t know what all this GI stuff [...]


The truth about supplements!

We have a problem in sport – an over reliance on supplements and believing popular media THE PROBLEM   People are probably sick of hearing the phrases   “Supplements, not a substitute” and   “You cannot supplement a poor diet”   but these are 2 phrases we passionately believe in. It never ceases to amaze us that some people do not realise that eating a large turkey breast fillet will give the same amount of protein as [...]


I haven't got time for breakfast!

Street Sports Health and Fitness Tips   THE PROBLEM I haven’t got time for breakfast! That’s what so many people say! Many people do not eat a breakfast, commonly due to a range of reasons, including lack of time, but also not feeling like eating in the morning, the misconception that this is a good way to lose body fat, or simply due to habit. Skipping breakfast is associated with many adverse health effects including [...]