Street Sports Boxing

Street Sports non contact Boxing Academy tackling Gun, Knife & Gangs across Merseyside and creating future Champions On Tuesday 17th July 2012, in the build up to the 2012 Olympics, the country, especially those fromLiverpool, watched with pride as 3 Liverpool boxers chased their dream of making the Olympic Boxing squad for 2012. We at Street Sports can say we are extremely proud to watch one of those T.V stars [...]


Street Fitness | Nutrition and Fitness

Street Sports introduce Nutrition and Fitness At Street Sports we are committed to the using sport as a way to engage and empower people and communities through high quality services.  Nutrition (i.e., what we eat, drink, how much and when) is a huge part of any fitness training or health training  we do. We know that there are times when providing a fun time is enough. However we also accept that [...]