Running Song of the Week - Feel So Close

  Calvin Harris – Feel So Close Check this tune out to keep you trucking on your road to fitness. If you want some company join us at the Street Feet Running Club


Street Feet | Music and running performance

“Music whilst running can increase your performance by 15% & make you feel happier” says Street Feet Instructor Matthew Shannon It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to runners out there that listening to music when running can increase your performance, but how much and why? I personally enjoy having my I-pod in when completing morning runs between 4 – 6 miles and also evening runs between 5 [...]



Street Feet | Running song of the week

To sample the first of our weekly songs to keep you in the zone and pounding the pavements smash this link > Join the team at Street Feet Running Club and get yourself on the road to fitness!! If you have any question please contact us here and speak to one of our dedicated team members!