Boxing Fitness for a total all body work out

We offer a range of fitness and health classes but our main group class focuses on Boxing Fitness. Our timetables below outlines our main class for Boxing Fitness – so don’t delay get involved. Boxing Fitness – be part of it Venue Day Time Meet St Marys School Wednesday 6:00pm Meet at the reception of St Marys School, for 5:50pm to start at 6:00pm. Session lasts 1 hour for a 7:00pm finish.*£4 [...]


If your thinking about Fitness, this could be the answer

Street Fitness delivers 3 weeks worth of free sessions engaging over 40 people from across Wirral in New Brighton. The classes have covered a range of traditional training techniques, using the environment to help people develop their fitness. We have offered the sessions to give people a taster into group urban training and hopefully to kick start their journey towards health and fitness. The response from everyone involved has been [...]


Street Sports Health Tips as "Inactivity is killing as many people as smoking"

We know how important it is for us to engage in physical activity. But a recent a research study has caught huge media attention stating ‘Inactivity is killing a many people as smoking’ mainly stating that lack of physical activity causes lots of other illnesses and diseases. Pedro Hallal, one of the lead researchers, said: “With the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games, sport and physical activity will attract tremendous worldwide attention. Although the [...]


No charge on our Boxing Fitness session

Boxing Fitness We at Street Sports are delighted to announce the launch of our new fitness programme as part of the Street Fitness brand- yet another way to help people and communities get on the road to health and fitness. The first 3 sessions will be FREE of charge On the 25th July, Street Sports will launch a brand new (non-contact) Boxing Fitness class in New Brighton, Wirral, designed to [...]


Street Feet Running Club and Run England

Street Feet Running Club becomes official running partner of Run England. Street Sports are delighted to announce that the ‘Street Feet’ Running Club is now an official partner of the ‘Run England’ programme after members of the team completed the ‘National Leadership in Running Course’ course at Kirkby Sports College on Saturday 14thJuly. This is a great step for Street Feet, as the running club continues to enhance the service it provides [...]


Street Feet Running Club

    Street Feet Running Club – be part of it. Being part of a running club can bring physical and social benefits contributing to your health and well-being.  When you join the Street Feet Running Club we will help you achieve measurable health and fitness goals, in a fun and friendly atmosphere where you will meet great people and be supported by a fantastic team. The runners involved in so far [...]



Street Feet | Running Song of the Week

In the second installment of Street Feets running song of the week we have chosen Lana Del Rey’s tune Radio. Hopefully the blissful vocals of Lana will help inspire and hit you ‘deep’ and help your drift during your running into a state of flow! Do something today and start on the pathway to health and fitness with Street Feet, step into the the magic! @TheStreetSports #streetfeet  


Matthew Shannon Reveals all in the aid of Street Feet

Street Sports running man Matt Shannon is about to reveal all to support people who are interested in running to develop their health and fitness! An insight into Matt’s background and Street Feets star instructor Katie Jackson shows that they are firm believers in the power of running for health and fitness and this is the first running tip! Matt is committed to helping runners whether they are ‘snails’ or ‘greyhounds’ [...]


Street Feet | An interview with Matt Shannon

Having played for Matt for Ashville Youth FC (a Wirral based club) I stayed in touch and before long I heard about his new idea called StreetCage Soccer (where all this began). Working with both him and Dave helping coach on a range of different projects they were involved with over the years, including their groundbreaking work using football to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour (decent presentation available here) – I soon [...]



Street Feet | Running song of the week

To sample the first of our weekly songs to keep you in the zone and pounding the pavements smash this link > Join the team at Street Feet Running Club and get yourself on the road to fitness!! If you have any question please contact us here and speak to one of our dedicated team members!