Street Feet Running Club Events Team

Street Feet Running Club Events Team Have you ever considered running a 5k? 10k? Half Marathon? Or even a Full Marathon? Well why not join our events team.  Whether you are a Snail (who just wants to complete the race) or road runner (looking to get a PB) our events team want you now!!  Why not join other runners from the group or encourage friends and family to join you? [...]


Liverpool Marathon and the Wirral 10k race

Street Feet runners will be pleased to hear that the Liverpool Marathon will include a Wirral 10k race! With everyone focused on their journey to health and fitness this news will be welcomed with open arms! With the marathon being a huge event locally, for many of us this is just a bit too far!! The Wirral 10k race will be a more achievable target and perhaps with Wirral Borough Council considering [...]